Jan 04

Installing A Shower Screen in 5 Hours

Step 1. Fix the metal channels for the shower screen to the wall Draw up where the metal channels for the shower screen will be installed using your spirit level. Start your lines from the floor, making sure that the screen sits inside the lip of the shower base. Then…
Dec 11

What To Do When Your Toilet Starts Leaking

Overview Toilets haven’t changed much in the last 80 years. After a flush, water still fills a tank, lifting a float that shuts off the water when it reaches a certain level. A lever still opens a flapper to cause the flush, falling back into place when the water level…
Dec 11
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The Complete Guide To Changing Your Wall Socket(Safely)

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT DISCONNECTED THE POWER - THERE IS A LIVE WIRE THAT MAY CAUSE DEATH IF NOT HANDLED PROPERLY. If a wall outlet can no longer hold a plug, or is loose, it should be replaced immediately, as it poses a real…